Seamus Heaney and Liam O'Flynn

Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts, NY
Tuesday May 29, 2001 Alice Tully Hall 8:00pm

The Spoken Word: Seamus Heaney will read selections from his own poetry interspersed with indigenous Irish music selections performed by the incomparable and acclaimed Irish piper Liam O'Flynn.

When poet Seamus Heaney and master uilleann piper Liam O'Flynn come together for one of their all too rare concert performances, the audience are guaranteed a very special evening of poetry and music. The natural empathy between Seamus's poetry readings and Liam's superb piping is best described in Seamus's own words;
"On the occasions when I have shared a programme with Liam, I have always felt strengthened by being within his piper's field of force, in touch with a deeply intuitive and sympathetic nature."

Malcolm Rodgers of the Irish Music Magazine, reviewed Liam and Seamus's performance to a capacity audience at London's Barbican Center in March 1999 "At the other end of the scale, were Seamus Heaney and Liam O'Flynn. The Nobel laureate was in fine form - Heaney that is; regrettably they don't award Nobel Prizes for Uilleann Piping. The partnership of pipering and poetry is on the face of it, an unpromising enterprise. Heaney, who explains there is more in common between the two disciplines than you'd think, alludes to this. Timing, interpretation, cadences - all that sort of thing. The combination works because quiet simply. Heaney is a superb reader, and of course you need no further elucidation about Liam O'Flynn's abilities on the pipes."

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