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The Christy Moore Collection is a 3 cassette boxset containing the 3 Christy Moore albums, Prosperous, The Iron Behind The Velvet and Live in Dublin.

Cassette 1 - The Iron Behind The Velvet

(1) Patrick was a Gentleman
(2) The Sun is Burning
(3) Morrissey and the Russian Sailor
(4) The Foxy Devil
(5) Three Reels: The Newly Mowed Meadow; Farrell O'Gara's Reel; (No Name)
(6) Trip to Jerusalem
(7) Three Reels: Tommy Coen's; The Youngest Daughter; Flax in Bloom
(8) Patrick's Arrival
(9) Gabriel McKeon's
(10) Dunlavin Green
(11) Joe Mc Cann
(12) John O'Dreams

Cassette 2 - Live In Dublin

(1) Hey Sandy
(2) The Boys of Barr Na Sraide
(3) Little Mother
(4) Clyde's Bonnie Belle
(5) Pretty Boy Floyd
(6) Bogey's Bonnie Belle
(7) The Crack Was Ninety In The Isle Of Man
(8) Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair
(9) One Last Cold Kiss

Cassette 3 - Prosperous

(1) The Raggle taggle Gipsies; Tabhair dom do lamh
(2) The dark eyed sailor
(3) I wish I was in England
(4) Lock Hospital
(5) James Connolly
(6) The hackler from Grouse Hall
(7) Tribute to Woody
(8) The Ludlow Massacre
(9) A letter to Syracuse
(10) Spancillhill
(11) The Cliffs of Dooneen
(12) Rambling Robin


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Live In Dublin

The Iron Behind The Velvet

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