Soundpost and Bridle
Neff Bros
A debut album by Flaithri and Eoghan Neff

THE NEFF BROTHERS are an unique duet with a wonderful wealth of traditional music and are amongst most proficient and exciting talents. Mastering the energy of Dance Tunes and the emotion of Slow Airs is the highlight of these multi-award winning traditional musicians and composers. The musical communication between them is wonderful and a delight to witness. Their approach to music offers a great opportunity to see an act that is at the cutting edge of Irish traditional music performed in an informal yet professional setting.

Flaithrí (pronounced ‘floree’) and Eoghan (pronounced ‘owen’)

After their genteel début, Soundpost and Bridle (2000), Cork brothers Flaithrí and Eoghan Neff could so easily have settled into the "seriously talented and enormously respectful" back row where they'd be guaranteed accolades for their virtuosity but might have died from the boredom of it all within jig time. Instead they've ricocheted due north, south and east, bouncing off a plethora of styles and cultural tics en route. Eoghan's convulsing fiddle traces shadows where few fiddlers deign to venture on his own Clockworx, and while the itinerary is utterly unpredictable and downright precocious, their willingness to stretch and bend while they've got the elastic in their pants is something to revel in - for listener and player alike.
The Irish Times, Siobhán Long

Soundpost &Bridle

... just pipes and fiddle, with the drones and regulators providing the accompaniment. It’s here that the real talent of the Neffs shows itself in fine accurate, often exhilarating, playing.
At times, they are like two parts of the same instrument - tight, together, yet distinct. At others, they accompany each other, throwing humorous tricks forwards and back.... Flaithrí shows his individual skills on a deft setting of Dinny O’Brien’s/Chief O’Neill’s Favourite while Eoghan gives full rein to his imagination on a set of strathspeys and reels ending with The Gravel Walks and Jenny’s Chickens. His rendition of Caoineadh Uí Neill shows great maturity. ... Soundpost and Bridle is an excellent debut with the promise of great things to come.

The Irish Examiner, Pat Ahern


1. Ríl Uí Ruairc/Leaba Uisce/An Chapóg Ghruaigeach (Reels)
2. Séamus ò Broin/CrosaireUí Chlumháin/Gan Ainm (Double Jigs/Slip Jig)
3. Non te Namores Meni~na/An Peidhleacán (Galician Air/Slip Jig)
4. Dhonnacha uì Bhriain/Ardecheannfoirt Ó Néill (Hornpipes)
5. An tSíor Ghaoith/Radhare An Iolair/An Choill Dharach Chiúin (Jigs)
6. Máirseáil/Laridée (Breton March/Iaridée)
7. Páidí Spóirtiúl/Ríl Mháitrín Uí Ghaoithin/Slán le hÉirinn (Reels)
8. Caoineadh Uí Néill (Slow Air)
9. Port Úi Riain/Siney's/Seán Ó Duibhir (Double Jig/Slides)
10. Fiach na Bóinne/Scaip na Cleití(Tigh an tSealgaire/Leac na Cuimhne (Reels)
11. An Seans Deireanach (Breton Air)

12. Caiseal Sterling/Mairéad Camshrón/Cosa´n Gairbhéalach/Sicíní Shinéid (Strathpeys/Reels)
13. Amuighar an bhFarraige/Gan Anim/An Chailleach ag an gCuinneog (Double Jigs/Single Jig)


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