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Stockton's Wing Jigs, Reels & Songs
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(1) The Humours of Tulla : The Bucks of Oranmore (Reels)  
(2) The Maid Behind The Bar (Reel)
(3) Padraig O'Keefe's (jig)
(4) No Man's Land (Song)
(5) The Green Gates: The Boy In The Gap (Reels)
(6) The Drops of Brandy (Slip-Jig)
(7) The Concert Reel: The high Road to Linton (Reels)
(8) Pleasant and Delightful (Song)
(9) Queen of the Fair (Jig)
(10) Sonny Brogan's: Charlie Lennon's (Mazurkas)
(11) Bold Donnelly (Song)
(12) Lord McDonald's: The Wild Irishman (Reels)

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Stockton's Wing - Jigs, Reels & Songs
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Sleeve Notes MUSICIANS :

Paul Roche - Flute, Whistle, Vocals.
Kieran Hanrahan - Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Harmonica
Maurice Lennon - Fiddle, Vocals
Tommy Hayes - Bodhran, Jew's Harp
Tony Callanan - Vocals, Guitar

Stockton's Wing immediately brings a picture to my mind of five brilliant individual performers; Maurice Lennon from Leitrim on fiddle, Tommy Hayes, a native of West Limerick, on Bodhran and Jew's Hark, Kieran Hanrahan and Paul Roche, Banjo and Flute respectively, both from Ennis in Co. Clare, and lastly Tony Callanan who hails from Loughrea in Co. Galway, singer and guitarist; a virtual who's who of All-Ireland winner.

When I first heard that these five lads had teamed up, I wasn't at all surprised, mildly curious through, to say the least, of the resulting sound and approach to the music.

I satisfied that curiosity by attending a concert at which they performed in Ennis. I was deeply impressed and have had the pleasure since then of hearing them many times.

These five lads from diverse areas of Ireland, musically as well as geographically knitting together as few teams can, give a performance to be enjoyed immensely and derive obvious enjoyment from so doing.

They combine the vitality of youth with the maturity rarely found in such musicians, while their progressive approach in no way interferes with the depths of tradition evident in their playing.

The material on this album, which speaks for itself, is a general selection from their vast repertoire.

Tommy Peoples.

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