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Audio Samples
(1) Blood and Gold
(2) Maid in Love
(3) Mouth Music
(4) I am stretched on your grave / Caoineadh
(5) Cad é sin Don té sin?
(6) Rinn na Mara
(7) Dólás an Maighdine Muire
(8) Rosebud in June
(9) My Lagan Love
(10) Tha bean agam

Sleeve Notes
Blood & Gold
Maca, four young Irish singers, presents inventive arrangements of age old songs ranging in style from raw rhythmic mouth music to the heart wrenching caoineadh. They find their roots in Celtic and Classical music and showcase a finely tuned live performance of close vocal harmony.

Recorded at: Park Central Studios, Auckland, New Zealand.
Engineered by: Chris Kelly
Mixed by: Aidan Reade at Blackrose Studios, Menlough, Galway
Mastered at: Mid Atlantic Digital, Enniskillen, by Robyn Robins.
Photography: Jon Smyth
Design: Creative A.D.
Produced by: Caron Hannigan, Peter Harney, Chris Kelly
Guest Musicians: Paul Moran Percussion, Brendan Power Harmonica.

Thanks to Mairin for not being there, Brendan de Gallai, Kay Lynch and Declan Masterson.
To Paul Moran and Brendan Power for your great contribution, and to Chris without whom this would never have happened. Special thanks to our families

Track Notes

1. Blood and Gold
(Andy Irvine - Arr Maca) - Percussion; Paul Moran.

This emotive song explores the universal theme of war and loss. The close knit harmony is influenced by Eastern European folk singing.

2. Maid in Love
(Trad - Arr Carrion) - Solo Vocal; Caron.

From the English folk singer Jacqui McShee comes this tale of unrequited love. The fluid vocal harmonies evoke the gentle rocking of the sea.

3. Mouth Music
(Trad - Arr Maca) - Solo Vocal; Peter.

An earthy song that stems from the Puirt a Beul music of Scotland. Nonsense words are used to create a rhythm for dancing.

4. I am stretched on your grave / Caoineadh
(Trad - Arr Maca) - Solo Vocal; Yvonne.

A heart scalding song that grieves the loss of a loved one. 'Caoineadh' literally translates as crying and refers to the wailing that took place at a wake. It laments the person's new absence from the world.

5. Cad é sin Don té sin?
(Trad - Arr Caron and Peter) - Solo Vocal; Caron, Guitar; Peter, Violin; Caron.

A dreamy portrayal of a man happy to live life as he pleases. The title translates 'as it's no one's business, then no one should care?'.

6. Rinn NA Mara
(John Spillane - Arr Caron) - Solo Vocal; Peter, Bodhrán; Paul Moran.

A contemporary riddle song full of percussive and energetic rhythms.

7. Dólás an Maighdine Muire
(Trad - Arr Micheál O'Súilleabháin and Caron) - Solo Vocal; Yvonne

This is an excerpt from the hymn 'The seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary' in which she laments the imminent death of her infant son

8. Rosebud in June
(Trad - Arr Declan Masterson and Caron) - Solo Vocal; Tara.

This English madrigal is a light-hearted celebration of the summer and abounds in natural imagery. Not for vegetarians!.

9. My Lagan Love
(Trad - Arr Brendan Power and Caron) - Solo Vocal; Caron, Harmonica; Brendan Power.

In the days when Ireland's struggle for freedom was suppressed, passionate love songs were often a cover for rebellious aspirations. In this haunting song Ireland is likened to the man's lover.

10. Tha bean agam
(Trad - Arr Caron and Peter) - Solo Vocal; Peter.

A favourite of ours learned from the singing of Kenna Campbell one of Scotland's best exponents of Puirt a Beul. This piece opens with the strathspey 'tha bean agam' and is followed by two reels 'Tha buachaille dubh Fionghal' and 'Crathadh d'aodaich'.


Album Sleevenotes

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